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Potters Brown                                                        903-852-6473                                     8287  FM  279  Edom, Tx.  75754


After attending Humboldt State University, and spending most of his life in Arcata, California, Doug served a two year apprenticeship with Jim Richardson in Trinidad, California.  One afternoon in 1971, shortly after moving to east Texas, he was cruising around on his motor scooter, and happened upon the small town of Edom. Three old buildings and 2 acres of land were available to buy, and thus began the Edom Craft Community. 

Edom is the third oldest city in Van Zandt County, and can be traced to the mid 19th Century.  The town was famous for its sawmills, tannery and saloons.  By the time Doug arrived, things were pretty quiet and the locals wanted to keep it that way.  They wanted to call him a hippie, but with short hair and working long hours, the old timers did not know quite what to think. 

Soon pots were being fired, and the only thing missing were customers.  When people in fancy cars began to stop at the pottery, and leave with brown paper bags full of God only knows what, the rumors began.  People couldn't quite figure how you could dig up dirt, spin it into a pot, cook it, and sell it for twenty bucks.  So naturally, they had to be growing and selling LSD.  Noah at the gas station explained that the last person to move into town was the most suspect.  When he opened his gas station, there were rumors that he was trading gas for (censored). 

The Edom Art Fair was started in 1971, shortly after settling into the new digs, to give friends and fellow artists an opportunity to sell their wares and to establish the sense of community.  Beth attended the Art Fair in 1992, selling her leather handbags and accessories.  After a successful run of 23 years in that medium, she was looking for a change, and boy did she find it.  After falling in love with Doug and Edom, she moved there in 1993, and decided it was way more fun making pots and learning from a master potter. To this day, all pottery is a total collaboration of Beth and Doug Brown. 

And by the way, the Fair is still going on.