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Potters Brown is pleased to offer a Bridal and Gift Registry for your convenience by creating the dinnerware set of your dreams.  You decide what you would like to purchase for each place setting, that being style, color, and number of pieces. 

For example, a "place setting" may consist of 3-6 pieces, a small plate, dinner plate, bowl, etc..  You will be contracted to purchase all of the place settings on your order, unless you receive them as gifts.  We will make the entire set, and it will either be delivered or picked up at the studio in a completed set, rather than shipped  piecemeal. At that time we will require payment for the balance of place settings, if they were not received as gifts. 

The accessories or serving pieces are optional.  You may want to put together a "Wish List" of extra bowls, for example pasta or chili bowls, or serving pieces.  The "Wish List" items will not be part of the contracted place settings.  They can be purchased separately by your friends and family.  Only the place settings will be your obligation to buy or be  gifted.   

We do request a visit to the studio to place your order, to choose from our extensive choices of glazes and styles, and we will write an order at that time.  Your event will be listed on our Bridal Registrants page for your friends and family to access.  As folks begin to contact us, we will send you a gift card with the purchase described and the name and address of the giver for your records and thank you notes.  When the set is complete and the total gifts have been purchased, we will set up the pick up date or delivery time, and finish details.  

It is truly a joy to dine daily from handmade dinnerware, and we delight in providing couples the opportunity to do so.  Our dinnerware is, of course, food,  microwave, and dishwasher safe.  We hope you will consider gracing your table and your lives with our work.